Mosques of Bahrain



My 7th grade history teacher would have loved the traveler I have become and yes, I totally had that though as I stepped foot onto history from 692 AD. Venturing around the first ever mosque in Bahrain is absolutely incredible. Al Khamis mosque is considered to be one of the oldest mosques in the Middle East and it’s still standing, preserved and as a guest we are free to roam around and take it all in. I did just that. Today it is not used for prayer, as it is deemed in ruins, but the history and architecture seeps through the sun drenched limestone.  It’s free standing arches are breathtaking and radiate a sense of peace. 


Sometime between the 13th and 15th centuries, two stunning minarets additions were built at the Al Khamis Mosque. Each one has a super skinny, spiral staircase leading to the top, that if you dare, you can climb. My suggestion, bring a flashlight. If you are in Bahrain and want to visit the mosque you can find hours here . This is a must see quick stop in Bahrain for culture, photos and wow factor and the sweetest man is at the front gate. Sit with him for a moment, talk story and have some tea. He will warm your heart.


Still with some time to burn, I headed into Saar and found a few more mosques. It’s like a treasure hunt. The fact that not one is ever designed the same intrigues me beyond compare. Paint colors, tile choices, domes, endless architecture options, stained glass, they are truly works of art. Hence me driving with my camera in the passengers seat at all times as I never know when I may pass one and want to take a picture. Getting out to explore doesn’t always mean you have to take a vacation. Taking an hour to adventure in a new part of your own town can lead to some of the best days.

IMG_7338IMG_7323IMG_7339Chandelier dome





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