Hello weekend

Hello Weekend   As the weekend approaches, no matter the weekend, the buzz of travel plans start amongst friends here. It’s a rush I thrive on. Moving overseas from America you better expect to get bit by the ‘travel bug’ and if you don’t – check your pulse. This bug is like a Texas size mosquito and has epidemic like qualities and side effects. Ones I will not be going to my Dr. for because I can easily self medicate with frequent online travel searches accompanied with travels to exotic and culture filled locations. So on this given random May weekend, I have my husband in Prague and Amsterdam for “work” and yes I used air quotes, friends rocking their bodies at a Justin Timberlake concert in Abu Dhabi and multiple friends shopping in Dubai. Seriously.

For me…. It’s a weekend to live vicariously through others travels and that makes me pretty excited too. Cheers to your weekend plans wherever they may take you and to beach umbrellas made of broken palm trees overlooking the city skyline.


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