Making the most of layovers

Perks. Every job has them. Sometimes they show their shiny selves more than others. Oh, but when they do… relish in them. My husband has been in the military for nearly 20 years and this 2 week adventure has been a HUGE perk. HUGE. When he came home from work a few months back saying he had to fly a plane from Bahrain to Texas for routine maintenance and that he was able to map out his 10-12 day route there, I went into full flight attendant/travel nerd mode. He did the flight planning and I researched the “must see” locations for each stop. It totally felt like planning for an accelerated Military edition of Amazing Race minus the other teams. Having only 24 hours in each city makes for just enough time to wet your whistle and get a taste for each city enough to know if we would want to come back. I had a sneaking suspicion that we would fall in love a little with each place and that’s exactly what happened.

Stop one…

Said to be the most romantic city in the world and I would not argue with that one bit. Full of old world seaside charm, a ginormous city wall and a magical old town. Croatia you are a gem.



Stop two… oh me oh my. Not nearly enough time here. Cobblestone streets, history galore, the swans, old town clocks, bridges, rivers, and delights around every corner.



Stop three… It was wonderful to see you again my old friend. As a flight attendant for Northwest Airlines, Amsterdam was a frequent stop for me so this was like being reunited with a dear old friend. Time only allowed for a quick visit to the main square to enjoy many cheeses and wine and a bicycle ride to enjoy the many sights. If your visit and time permits think countryside windmills, Heineken beer tour, and The Anne Frank House , just to name a few. Amsterdam is AMAZING.Amsterdam


Stop four… Drop whatever plans you have and go to Iceland. Not even kidding. I CAN NOT GET BACK HERE FAST ENOUGH. Having barely scratched the surface on what Iceland has to offer, we are thinking of changing our holiday plans to come back here, that’s how out of this world this place is. The Geothermal spa at The Blue Lagoon…, magical. If unicorns existed, I would have expected them to come flying out of this milky turquoise water to take us for a ride. Iceland is known for other extraordinary things as well like the hiking, waterfalls and ever amazing Northern lights. The countdown is on until we meet again Iceland. I now have the perfect excuse to buy a really cute faux fur lined hooded jacket to wear….thank you kindly.


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