Beachcombing Bahrain

coralThe beach is a mentality, a way of life. Moving from Coastal California to Island life in Bahrain, we were not sure what to expect of the beaches here. Then we were introduced to Amwaj and the ombre turquoise water lagoon entranced us and we knew we were in for a treat. Exploring other beach access spots has led to quite a few wrong turns and some off road adventures, but I’m pleasantly surprised to report….There are some rad spots here.


Ok, ok so there is no surfing and it’s a bit hot for sunbathing in the summer months, but the beach combing is the finest I’ve seen.  Shells upon shells in shapes and sizes not even thought possible. Sponge coral, buoys, sea glass and even pumice stone are found along the beaches. Busiteen and Zallaq have some hidden gem locations to explore and are among my favorites here in Bahrain.



Countless hours and days have been spent with the sand between our toes and salt in our hair. Days where everyone smells of sunscreen and sunshine are my favorite. All our kids know is the beach way of life and I’m totally ok with that. Flip flops, board shorts, bikinis, beach totes and surf/trucker hats make up at least 40% of our wardrobe and we pretty much stick out like California billboards. Who knew we would find our little slice of beach paradise here in the Middle East?

Happy summer treasure hunting.


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