Pearl diving in Bahrain

20140622-214028-78028815.jpgBahrain’s tranquil underwater playground. Literally 20 minutes off the coast of Bahrain your world is transformed.  No airplane necessary to escape to a turquoise wonderland much like the Maldives or Seychelles, but just past Al Dar Island. Dolphins dance in the wake behind the boat for a little pre-diving entertainment and a quick stop to a shipwreck site adds to the wow factor of the day.


Then you arrive at the pearling banks to treasure hunt for two hours and lose your ever lovin’ mind. I could not don my snorkel, fins, gloves, net bag and Go Pro fast enough. The water is only about a meter deep so in most places you can stand, spot your catch and then dive down to grab. And grab, grab, grabbing is the name of the game when pearl diving. The more you have the better the chance you have of finding a pearl of two. Sea urchins the size of grapefruits love to hang with these oysters which can make things a little tricky so proceed with caution and channel your inner Little Mermaid.



You have your bounty, are salt logged and anxious to crack open your oysters, so you hop aboard the boat and head back to Al Dar for the day. The anticipation of finding a pearl is almost to much to bear.




Land ho. We found a nice table in the shade,  geared up with our shucking knives and went to town. One by one opening and feeling meticulously for that elusive pearl. Then GASP, it takes your breath away when you find one. A natural pearl from a oyster that you picked from the gulf.  Seriously?!? In total we found 14 small pearls between the 4 of us and are still giddy about it. pearl


Pearl diving has been around for centuries in Bahrain and without a doubt is my favorite thing to do here. This adventure is up there with night time diving with the Manta rays in Hawaii people. If you are planning to visit Bahrain this is a MUST do activity. I’ll make it a no brainer for you and just say to call our guide Mohammed.  Let him take you out for a day you will rave to your friends about for years. Really, I can’t recommend him enough. His contact info is +973 3999 1377  Happy Pearl hunting friends.

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