Celebrating 2 Years Downtown + 4 Years in Business

We had so much fun celebrating our 2 year anniversary downtown. The party was fantastic, and as always it made my heart happy to connect with friends old and new.

Now that the balloons are away, the crazy sales are over, and the last of the Prosecco sangria has been drunk, It’s hitting me what a big leap of faith I took to get here. Whoa.

Making the move from a little spot in Midtown, where I’d play my Ukulele on Wednesdays and do a  happy dance if I had three customers in a day to signing a lease on a space 10 times bigger in the center of downtown (and hiring 6 amazing employees!) was one of the scariest things I’ve ever done.

The stars lined up for me. It was absolutely meant to be.

Here’s my story… One day, while at my old store, I got a phone call from a customer who said “you need to get downtown, I found your forever store”. I immediately closed the shop, went straight downtown, stood at the front window and cried. I was perfectly happy at my old shop, but this new space was something else. I knew that if I was going to move it had to be the perfect spot. And this was it.

Luckily the timing of support couldn’t have been better. Two of my closest friends, Jessica and Jodie, were moving to Ventura. I had two instant employees that I trusted and new would be awesome.

A big hurdle to overcome.

I had a problem though. I had a lease at my old place, and even though I knew I had to at least question if I could break it, it was very uncomfortable to ask. I swallowed my fear and picked up the phone. I remember taking deep breaths while dialing.

My landlord started crying.

She was about to sign a lease for her coffee shop the day before and something told her to wait. She actually started crying tears of relief when I asked If I could get out of my lease. For her it was a dream to open up her café in her own space! It’s adorable. If you’re midtown, stop and enjoy a treat at Caffrodite.

The Universe was paving the way.

No matter how scared I was I had to TRUST the process. I’m not a planner, but in that moment, I made the decision to go all in. I could not have done this all on my own. My husband, my kids, my staff and friends are a great support to me. Truly sometimes they think I’m nuts, but maybe you need to be a little nuts to run a retail business these days. My only real secret is I follow my instinct 100% of the time. So far so good!

Downtown has felt life home.

What I love the most about being downtown is Passport Habits is a part of people’s day. If customers are going the movies, they stop in to say “hey” or if someone is grabbing a bite to eat on their lunch break, they come in to see what new things we have. Downtown has pulse. A vibrancy. If we can contribute to that life, if we can contribute to someone’s day, we’ve done our job.