Thailand Collection

Southeast Asia is one of my favorite places to travel to. (Fun fact: it’s one of the farthest places you can travel to from Southern California!) My senses are alive there, and it is a place that is very near and dear to my heart.

The intention of my recent trip to Thailand was vacation, rather than work. It was only at the very end of our trip, when we went to this incredible little outdoor market outside Bangkok, did I have the opportunity to source a very small number of special treasures to bring home. I wanted this to be a very condensed, very honed-in collection of goodies, most of which are one-offs. For that reason, everything is unique and has meaning.

Also, because I sourced the items for this collection at a smaller market, the impact of my purchases on the people I was buying from was huge. In a lot of instances, people had had these items within their household for a really long time and they had to part with them; they weren’t parting with them because they wanted to. There was a woman I bought maybe five pieces from and she was just through-the-roof excited.

I hope you find as much beauty in these goodies as I do.

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