Vintage Rugs


Lucky you on selecting your one-of-a-kind handmade forever rug. Here are some things to consider...

The beauty of vintage rugs is in their absolute uniqueness. They’re handmade and therefore irregular. Each rug has a story to tell, and that means wear from decades of use. There may be very small tears or holes, slight staining and/or fraying. We do our very best to bring you high quality rugs that capture the essence of their exquisite handmade nature.


Vintage rugs are rarely perfectly square/rectangle or in “typical” sizing of new, factory made rugs. Use this to your advantage. Style your room in way that expresses your distinct aesthetic. Have fun breaking the “rules” to make it your own. We not opposed to layering a couple of rugs, in fact we encourage it!


We photograph our rugs in soft, natural light. We do not enhance the images. Please note that the colors will vary from screen to screen. Please look at all images of the rug, including the up close, detailed shot, before making a purchase.


The lanolin in rugs acts as a natural stain repellant. If you do need to treat a spill or a stain, treat immediately with water and ‘Dawn’ dish soap. Do not use a product containing hydrogen peroxide. Lather the soap and wipe with a sponge or toothbrush and rinse with water once spot is removed. Be sure to dry completely, using a hair dryer if necessary.

Wool Scent

Remember these are vintage and may have a slight “old” rug scent. If there’s a smell, it should fade over time once its opened. To speed up the process, hang outside on a dry sunshiny day. Alternatively, hang over a railing for several days.


Rug pads are recommended for thin rugs to keep them in place. Or, if you don’t plan on flipping your rug, you can use double sided tape from a home improvement store. You can also use one of these techniques if your rug doesn’t lie perfectly flat.


Allowing a rug to remain damp is to be avoided. If using a rug in a bathroom, we recommend wiping your feet with your towel before stepping on it. Think of placing your rug by the sink and not in front of your shower.