8 Girls Trip Packing Musts

Girls Trip!

I pack completely differently for a girls trip than I do when I’m with family. Here are some of my tips:

ONE: Pack a Hat + Scarf

I love a good trucker hat and a thick scarf (like our mud cloth travel scarf). It can double as a shawl on a cool evening.

TWO: Pack Lightly

Its my #1 rule. For example, bring only one bathing suit. You’re going to be having so much fun you won’t care that you wore it yesterday. Plus, they dry quickly.

THREE: Bring a Turkish Towel 

I use it as a blanket on the plane, a sarong, a beach towel, and sometimes as picnic blanket! They’re the best. I love the colors we have in stock now. They dry quickly too! Nobody wants a soggy towel. 

FOUR: Share Clothes 

If you and your friend have even vaguely similar styles and sizes, use this to your advantage. Plan what you bring in coordination with your travelling buddy. No need to pack 4 dresses. Each pack two and swap!

FIVE: Limit Your Shoes 

Find a pair that’s cute and comfortable, get it in a neutral or your signature color. Where them all the time. I also like to pack a pair of running shoes for hiking or horseback riding, because, heck, you never know what kind of fun you’ll find!

SIX: Bring Laundry Soap

Just a little bag of powdered soap will do. When traveling lightly, you may need to rinse things out in your bathroom sink.

SEVEN: Pack an Empty Duffle Bag

You’re going to shop, right? Why not! Fill it up with all your treasures and check it on your return trip.

EIGHT: Check with Your Airline

See if your airline allows you to pre-purchase a second checked bag when buying your ticket. This could save you some serious cash. They always charge more at the ticket counter.

Hope you have a blast on your next trip!