Rugs: A Love Affair

Taking it way back to when I first moved to Bahrain. My love for Persian rugs came on like a flash and my every day experiences learning were electrifying.

I had the pure joy of meeting and hearing stories from my rug guy’s father. Owning a rug shop is a business that is passed down generation after generation.

This conversation was one that brought me to tears. He expressed to me how rare it is to find an American woman who is genuinely interested in the history of this very, very old tradition of rug making.

My response was “How can people be around this beauty and not be touched and want to know everything there is about this art?”

It was a moment I’ll never forget and it became the foundation of why I’m so passionate about what I get to do and the gifts I get to share. Thank you for being a part of this beautiful journey with me.