Keeping It in the Fam With Our Wanderer Bandana

Some people kindly call it eclectic. Those of us who adore all things global and gorgeous call it “curated”. No matter what it’s called, Passport Habits is filled with things I absolutely love!

Maybe one of the things I love the most is something I designed in collaboration with an incredible talent- my son Kyan! I’ve wanted to design a bandana for years. It was one of the things on my list that kept getting bumped to the bottom, until now.

Kyan and I created these amazing bandanas together!

He spent an afternoon carefully drawing the border. Didn’t it turn out amazing?! The center of the bandana has my “travel mantras” handwritten by me. Each one is hand color treated, so no two are alike.

When I travel I always bring at least one bandana.

They’re so versatile. I can wear in my hair, around my neck, tie it to my luggage so I immediately know which one is mine. Sometimes I’ll use it to wrap up treasures I found on the beach, or as an emergency napkin if the snacks get messy! And now, with these, I carry several because...

They make the PERFECT gift to share with other adventurers on the road.

They're the best thank you present or nice-to-get-to-know-you gift. It always puts a smile on their face. Connecting with others is one of the perks of a trip well travelled.

I really think you’ll love them as much as we do. Check them out  here.

Happy Travels!