My 5 Design Mantras

I'm no formal designer, but because I moved around all the time, I'm good at transforming something mediocre into a special place. I always reinvented our space to make the house we were renting feel like our cozy home. 

I just love setting the tone for our home to fully express a feeling of warmth. It's an invitation, really, for our guests (and for ourselves) to walk in and feel completely comfortable. It's not about a "look" or one key piece. It's about the entire vibe of the space. It doesn't have to be complicated at all.  

1. Highlight your prized possessions. These are the things that tell your family's story. Whether it's something special that's been passed down, or something you found that just works- those are the keepers. 

2. Be mindful about what you bring in. It's a reflection of you, your partner, your kids, your dog... when you walk in, it has to feel like its 100% yours.

3. First line of sight. Think about where your eye naturally falls when you enter your home. Is it a wall across from the door? Is it the entry way table? Is it a rug? A blanket on the back of your sofa? Put your attention on this when creating your space. What would make you happiest? Invest your time and money there. 

4. Layer textures. Think about layering all kinds of textures to give your room depth. Elements of wood, glass and metal along with a variety of textiles always makes for an inviting space. It could look like a plush wool rug, a sleek metal table, a collection of crystals, and one stand out wooden chair. Add a variety of textured pillows (some flat, some plush) and a plant or two for some extra wow. Let your imagination run wild. You may prefer polished concrete floors with a flat weave rug, cow hide draped over the back of a chair, denim pillows, and hand blown glass vases. Remember, this is YOUR space. 

5. Pull it together with a signature color. When mixing a variety of different textures, a way to make it cohesive is to anchor your space with a key color. Since I love rugs so much, and I think they absolutely transform a space, I usually find a rug I LOVE then pull a color from it as my inspiration. It may even be a small little detail in the rug, not its main color. Using that to guide my color choices helps make design easier. I'm not talking matchy-matchy. Keeping the tone of colors in the same family is like waving a magic wand to create a pulled-together, yet relaxed and stylish look.